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[A-PST] Awesome | 8-12 MTR LF Healer/DPS

<Awesome> is a raiding guild on Ner'zhul-US which is connected to Tortheldrin-US and Frostmane-US. We are currently considering exceptional applications for all classes. The guild operates on Pacific Standard Time (Server cluster is CST). We will be keeping a light 3 day schedule and a very tight roster. We're all friends here (except that one guy), and we enjoy progression raiding. If you are looking for a solid raiding environment come Legion then by all means reach out.

Immediate Openings for the following:
- Resto Shaman
- DK (Frost/Unholy)

Bonus points for being able to play another spec. These are classes that we're currently actively searching for, however we're always open to exceptional players of all classes.

Raid Schedule:

Monday - 8PM-12AM PST
Tuesday - 8PM-12AM PST
Thursday - 8PM-12AM PST

Outside of this we have optional alt raids coming up on weekends for those who like the alt game.

If you have any questions or want to get to know us before you transfer/faction change then feel free to jump on our discord:

You're ready. Let's do this. Apply Now!